Elite Entertainment Services


Nothing is more precious than hearing the words of coach saying that you are starting VARSITY! You have proven yourself from the freshman level and accelerated through the JV levels to finally make it to the big time. VARSITY is a term that we hold dear because we know the blood sweat and tears that go into making it. From the countless days and nights of practice and proving that you finally have the dedication and excellence to pay off. Varsity Motor Coach is the next level in elite entertainment built from years of hard work and experience. There isn’t a service on the market today that even competes with us and we can show your clients, workforce or customers that no one competes with you. Our motto at Varsity Motor Coach is “Our facility and mobility to your location with no frustration”. Don’t let your next event be inundated with penalties, let the VARSITY team step in and make your event a potential Heisman candidate. Gone are the days of JV... now you are playing on the VARSITY

An Experience Like No Other

Brand Recognition!

Highlight your brand at market expos, retail openings, customer appreciation or client enrichment.

Generate Excitement!

Remove the boring board rooms and standard entertaining in hotel conference rooms. We come to your location without restriction.

Make Lasting Impressions!

Varsity Motor Coach will help you never to be forgotten again.