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Varsity Motor Coach is a one stop shop entertainment experience that is executed with no play book in mind. You get to be your own coach and craft each experience to your unique requirements. Our elite entertainment puts you back on the field for face to face people enrichment that makes your team and connections stronger than ever before. 

Varsity isn’t just a term tied to sports. Elite performers have been showcased across all business lines. We too aren’t restricted in the type of services we can provide. From corporate sponsorships, retail activation, expo brand recognition, employee appreciation, and private parties we at Varsity Motor Coach can ensure that your company’s perfect record never suffers a loss.

We cater to the office manager who wants to throw an amazing goal achievement party to the real-estate mogul debuting a multibillion dollar mall. Our entertainment experience removes the restriction of confined conference rooms and boring hall rentals and thrusts you into a whole new playing field. Our motto at Varsity Motor Coach is “Our facility and mobility to your location with no frustration”

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About Us

Our clients enjoy their events just like their guests do.

The possibilities are endless to raise your brand awareness. From posted signage to a private looped video feed, we strive to make sure your needs are met.  

Backlit display can show your own custom message.